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Directo - an internet-based ERP software since 2000

Directo is an internet-based software that has more functions and been on the market longer than anyone else

, combining ERP software's traditional features and modern business administrating tools, also providing high-quality central server service and user support. Directo has many advantages compared to the usual financial software. Read more  from here.


Directo is especially suitable for international companies

because of multi-language user interface available in all Baltic countries with local language user support and implementation services. Access over Internet makes administrating geographically distant companies especially easy. Today we have clients in more than 10 EU countries.


Powerful analysis options and effective work with high-capacity database

makes  Directo suitable for above average and big companies, at the same time all functions are available for the smallest Directo clients, too making this ERP software very attractive to expansion-focused companies.

Directo can be bought straight from Directo OÜ and also from numerous resellers. This gives the the client an opportunity to choose the reseller whos additional services are the most suitable. The price is the same. See also Directo Datasheet (PDF, 1708 Kb)



 Directo OÜ Mõisa 4, 13522 Tallinn, Estonia


 Support Phone 671 8578 (Mo-Fr 09:00 to 17:00), Fax 671 8570, e-mail info @ directo .ee