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Directo's benefits compared to other ERP solutions

  • Simple and cheap way to work from distance.

    Because Directo works over Internet, it is very cheap to connect departments situated in different locations - only requirement is Internet connection. All departments can use the consolidated database in realtime, which guarantees that adequate information for administrating the company and making right decisions are always there.  No need to exchange/swap files or buy bandwidth;
  • Low cost.

    Using Directo does not require sophisticated technical solutions - no additional programs will be installed to user's computer. Client only need Internet Explorer 6.0 or later version (it usually comes with the computer these days). There's also no need for a dedicated server. With that all problems and costs connected to workstations and servers are eliminated. Client only have to see that Internet connection is up and running but that is essential for everyday work anyway;
  • Security.

    It is widely thought that Internet-based programmes are not secure. Directo is as secure as internetbank. Connection between client and server is encrypted and protected by security certificates. Directo useraccounts can be linked to ID cards and logging in can be limited with certain IP addresses. Client's data are protected as well, a backup copy is made every night and kept for 7 days. Client's information are well protected from theft - as data are not kept in the office computers it can't be lost or damaged when computers get stolen. A possibly malevolent user cannot make an unauthorized copy of the database;
  • Flexible and fast development.

    Directo uses the most up-to-date technology, therefore using the application is not limited even for the time of updates and we can respond to client's additional needs quickly enough;
  • Quick usersupport.

    Solving problems and answering questions that have come up during working with Directo is taking place almost in realtime - as Directo works over Internet, a consultant can see what is happening without leaving the desk and computer and therefore take necessary actions almost immediately;
  • Transparent and lowlevel price.

    Deciding to use Directo does not result in paying a high price for a software that needs costly updates/services later, for the extra price,  - Directo is leased. Client pay a monthly fee and get in return what have been agreed on (business software+server+services) It is as reliable as a car lease and there will be no unexpected pice. This pricing model enables the Client to save money on the 1st year of Directo already, compared to purchasing the whole software.




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