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> 07.04.2010 10-year milestone for Directo ERP

10-year milestone for Directo ERP


Directo ERP software celebrates important milestone - 10 years have passed from the first commercial application of Directo's innovative technological platform. 100% web-based ERP solution was launched in year 2000 and has proven itself successful over the years.

Zero-installation architecture for ERP was exactly the innovation that fuelled launch of SaaS business model for Directo in year 2002. This cutting-edge approach has resulted in steady growth of customer base both on local and international markets. The fact that several other well-established and startup companies over the world - such as Netsuite or ERPLY - have also adopted SaaS business model or are planning to do so is clear indication of the long-term viability of such strategy.

Directo ERP software service has main market in Baltic states and is currently expanding the operations to Nordic countries. Almost 700 companies have chosen Directo for their ERP needs and loyal user base is approaching 10,000. Web-based architecture makes Directo especially appealing for companies with international ambitions and operations but hundreds of local companies have also benefited from low implementation costs and TCO that Directo offers.





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